Portfolio of Matthew Stone

Game Designer and Producer


If you are interested in seeing more of my work or more of my work history, check out my resume.

343 Industries

I started at 343 Industries in January 2018. I was brought on as a contract gameplay designer under Chris French and Justin Dinges on campaign. As a gameplay designer, I worked to make tools and scripts to speed up designer creation of content and to expose new technology to our designers. I was also tasked with working with other designers to create gameplay content and encounters to fill out the experience. Alongside these, I worked with other teams to create the technology and content to create the vision of the campaign team. This included working with various leads to create specs to share our vision and desires for the systems we would need to create the next Halo campaign.

Entertainment Technology Center

I started at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center in the fall of 2016. While there, I'm working to strengthen my teamwork and design skills. I just completed the immersion semester and will be on the Legendary Entertainment mobile game project next semester. On that team, I will be the producer and one of the designers.

Wolverine Soft

I was elected junior officer for the 2014-2015 academic year were I helped oversee a transition from long-term self-managed projects, which seemed to constantly fail, to short game jam based games. I was then elected president for the 2015-2016 where I attempted a transition to slightly larger projects with the express goal of submitting to IndieCade and reaching out to the industry in an attempt to network and get the game culture at U of M recognized in the industry. These large projects did not go as planned but helped to show that this is where the club needs to go and effected how the club will be managed for the next several years.

EECS 494

In my time at the University of Michigan, I was given the amazing opportunity to help Professor Jeremy Gibson Bond teach EECS 494, Game Design and Development, as a teaching assistant. As the TA for the class, I was able to help many students learn the Unity engine as well as the rapid prototyping methodology. Assisting them with the various problems they ran into helped me to strengthen my knowledge of the Unity engine as well as helping me learn new components of the engine. For example, I made a basic tutorial that helped the students learn how to do AI pathfinding using the built in navmeshes. This gave me the chance to deal with some of the intricacies of navmeshes while teaching about them.

Personal Projects

Almost all my personal and academic projects can be found in the games section of this website. Most of my personal projects tend to be geared toward games and interactive experiences since that is where my passion and focus is. I have done work for a variety of devices in a variety of languages and am not afraid to try something new if it fits the needs of my current project.

Work History